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(It's probably been asked... but hey)

I really liked the music in Unreal, and i would like to have it so that i can put the music into Doom and play it there. I know that Zdoom supports diffrent music types. But the Music on the Unreal CD are UMX files. And after looking at the Zdoom Music Tutorial. I find that Zdoom does not support UMX.

So i ask, is there a way i can convert these into a file the Zdoom does support?
(If not, where can i get the unreal music in the type of file it supports)

Thank You.

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The .UMX tracks are Epic's version of .ITs. You should be able to open them with Modplug Tracker (one of its features is playing .UMXs) and save as them as .ITs or .MODs, which you can put in a wad (via XWE) and have zdoom play it. I haven't actually tried it, so it might not work.

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