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VileSlay (non doom)

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This is how I came up with my screen name. I've been workin on this epic fantasy story and the hero eventually aquires a legendary hero's sword called VileSlay. it's 54 inches in total length. the handle is 14 inches for a good two hand grip, a 4 inch ricasso for for choking up. the blade itself is 36 inches. it has a fuller that runs through the lower half. the point of the blade is slightly flared to add a little more area to the blade, giving an axe-like stroke to the sword.

midway up the blade are armor piercing points, which the fuller runs through. as a rather unique feature there is a diamond shaped hole at that midpoint. the pommel is coronelled and holds round gem called the VileEye. the crossguard also has a gem embedded in it, called the dragons tear. the handle is wrapped in tanned and dyed wyvern wing. the crossguard and other fittings are made of mithril, which resembles silver, and the blade is made of adamant, which is a white, pearlescent metal. because of the lightweight materials the sword only way 10 pounds. swords of comparable dimensions would weigh between 15 to 20 pounds. the adamant is nigh-indestructable and was forged magically. the purity of the metals, combined with the magics used to forge it and the gems embedded in the pommel and crossguard make the sword the bane of the corruption that infects the land.

this sword would be girted on the hero's back, since it is to long for a man of average height to girt in on his hip. it's designed to be used in either broad cleaving strokes or to be choked up utilizing the pommel, stylized crossguard, mid-blade armor piercers, and point all as weapons in close quarter combat. if you've ever seen how real medieval broadsword fighting was (not the hollywood crap) you'd know what I'm talking about.

I've redesigned this sword many times since I first came up with the concept about 15 years ago, but I think this is gonna be the final design. this is an uncolored pencil sketch. I'm gonna attempt to work on it with PSP.

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The sword design looks cool, but also familiar. I may not have seen all the elements arranged together in this particular fashion, but I would say I've probably seen the various parts on other fantasy swords, both real and fictional. With that said, I suppose it's hard to come up with a completely original sword design though, everything one could possibly do with a sword has probably already been done by somebody else. Interesting back story for its properties/composition too.

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thanks :) yeah coming up with a truly orignal sword design is not the easiest thing in the world to do. you have to use templates of historical swords to start and then embelish to make them more than an ordinary sword. practial swords were very plain. they didn't need flair on the battle field, just an effective tool. bejeweled and gilded swords were for ceremonial use only. I find it kinda silly to have my hero use such a "fantasy piece", but I think people would find it boring if he used just a plain blade.

there are similarities to some fantasy swords out there, although there are a couple of features that I could argue I came up with first ;)

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I really like all the descriptions you have on the sword. Very in depth. Ofcourse I should assume this if you have been working on the design for 15 years but its deffinetly a good description.

Also, the design is very unique in my opinion. The closes thing that comes into my mind is that it's a sword that would be used by an undead-like wielder. It kind of makes me think that I've seen something a bit similar in a Castlevania game but I think I'm wrong..

But anyway, I like it!

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