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Doom3 editorfirst thing first! HELP

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OK I made a map,and i'am ready to test the map. First In the project seetings how do I know to type in the right paths to each option?
ok im getting frustrated cuzz I cant get it to load up. Say after I put in the right path files,and want to save the map. What do I save the map into or as? could you plz tell me the correct way thanx.
Say after it's saved and is ready to test I click bsp-bsp and then what? What do I type in the window after I press enter? After that doom screen will come up and I bring the console window up,and what do I type in?
Last but not least what will happen next?

Ive tried looking at some tuturials but thats not detailed enough for me to understand. Sorry to bug yall just need a little direction thank you friends and good luck with ur maps!!!

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Sorry if I'm not gonna be much help, but please post your stuff in a single thread. Otherwise you're spamming. You know, people do get punished on this forum, quite often, if they're not behaving like grown-ups.

You don't need to post a new topic for each question you have. Reuse your first topic.

Also, for Doom 3 information, try the Doom3World.org forums. From here at DoomWorld you might get poor response (as it's mine).

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