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Can't get new sounds to work

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Since the post got sent to Post Hell, I never got my problem solved... in Doomsday, I can't get the Doom 64 and Doom 3 sound wads to work. In Ultimate Doom, neither of them play (I just get normal sounds), and in Doom 2, only the Doom 64 music plays.

Can someone help?

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You need to look in there with a wad editor. Do you have one?

If you don't I suggest XWE, Doombuilder or maybe deepsea.

The formats need to match the ones in the orig wads you are trying to play them with.

Mus for doom1 and mid for doom2.

Here are a boatload of music wads you can look over to see what they are:

If they need to be converted you may need to go into the utilities section here at doomworld and pick up mid2mus or mus2mid converters.

There are a bunch of threads around here about this in the editing forum if you want to do a quick search for say "mid2mus" or music converters

Go to the music links here to pick up the converters:

There are many places that have tutorials for those wad editors, here is just one place to start.

Post back with questions after you read some of the existing threads here on the converters

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