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Import Folder Issue [Ver.116]

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I don't know if this issue has been addressed or not. When I launch Xwe, [after first install], and choose an import folder directory of the files I'm working on and finish up. Then I open up another folder for importing, Xwe defaults back to the first folder I used unless I go into the registry and change it there. In another words, Xwe will not rewrite the import directory in the registry unless it's done manually. This is what I've experienced... now I don't know if I'm missing something as far as this is concerned or not. Is this a bug? I don't know! I just know that I have to go into the registry each time I want to change the import folder location.

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It hasn't been addresses since no-one brought it up before. Not happening to me either... XWE has an internal variable (same name as the registry key, kudos for actually tracking this down): LastFolderImport. This gets its initial value from the Registry. It changes every time you import something to your WAD. It gets saved back to the registry every time you close XWE. So pretty simple.

The only thing I can think of is XWE crashes when it exists, so it never reaches the point when it saves the value to the registry. If you delete this value, and import something, does it get written back? If yes, that's good. Perhaps XWE has trouble overwriting the previous value? I've never heard of that one. So I'm not so sure on how I can fix this.

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Sure, I don't mind that you brought it up. But now that you have, and I took the time to look at it, could you please read what I wrote carefully and try doing what I asked you? I would really like to properly resolve these issues, but you guys have to help me by properly following up.

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