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Merging DOOM & DOOM 2 into one wad?

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Forgive me if this has been done or asked before, but I was wondering what utility can I use to merge Ultimate DOOM and DOOM 2 into one complete wad file? Would it work when DOOM ends with the bunny head on a stick and DOOM 2 loads with the first map?

- Colton

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This wouldn't work properly because Doom and Doom2 use a few texture names for different textures. And of course you'd need a source port that can be configured to run such a WAD.

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I think this would be pointless as all the episodes in Ultimate DOOM have an ending. It wouldn't be a big linear episode (unless some crazy Zdoom stuff is done), and even if so, it'd ruin the balance in the episodes as they are designed to be started from scratch.

Also, come on, it doesn't take too much work to move from game to game, the efforts this would take wouldn't be worth enough.

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