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Warning... new beta version

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Using your latest beta to load my sprites, I ran into this warning:

"The currently opened file was modified by an external program."

"To avoid file corruption, you should then close and re-open this file."

What's up with this? I have approximately 300 of the 1,300 files loaded in this wad and this has happened
twice! What baffles me is that all the sprite files has been converted from the 256 color palette to 24 bit "True Color" @ 200 pixel resolution using the same program... every one equally, and this has happened to two of my entries! There are no differences between any of my files! All files are being loaded in the same manner... one at a time!


There's one other thing I'd like to inquire about!

I noticed that when I have the Xwe program running in the upper left corner of the window, where Xwe is visible and I'm loading files, when I press the [up-arrow] key the, a number "38" appears next to the Program's name and when I press the [down-arrow] key, the number changes to "40"... I don't know if this is something you need to know or not! Thought I'd shoot this one pass you to see if it's a possible issue.

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38/40 are the keyboard codes. I use this for development/debugging, and it got left in. In the same area other keys should produce other codes.

The warning you are getting is exactly for what it says... I've added this into the new version quite a while ago because there was a request for it. (Ie. someone opened a file in XWE, edited it with another program, and then when you get back to XWE, it would corrupt the files.) So, the obvious question would be... Are you editing your WAD file with something else while it's open in XWE?

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And the answer to that is.... no!

On top of these issues, I'm receiving a "crash" warning from xp say "sorry for the inconvience, but Xwe has to close". Shall we report this to microsoft? Just before that,it froze completely where I had to use "Windows Task Manager" to shut it down. Here's what it is in a nutshell, pal. Stick to your one and only stable version...!

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