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PC sound help.

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I recently paid my cousin $50 for a 98 he put together himself. We had previously borrowed it from him a few times before because our XP was down and it worked just fine with games until I bought it home the night I got it (we had formatted the HD earlier that day and that made it like a new system too).

I discovered a sound problem when I tried to run my copy of Shadow Warrior. I wasn't able to configure the sounds in setup at all. In an early stage of the setup, it would bring me back to the select your sound card screen and then freeze up for no reason. When I ran the game, I could hear the CD audio but not the sounds.

I also discovered that I couldn't play WAV files in W.M.P. but for some reason I could hear the clicking sounds when you click on something or the sound when you empty the recycle bin. This shows the sound card is working.

In attempts to fix the problem, I replaced the AWE64 card with another AWE64 I had and that didn't work nor did me formating C and installing all of the multimedia options in the setup for 98.

Anyone have any idea how to fix this problem?

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Any on board sound confliction? (that can be turned off in your bios since your using an sb card?)

Any of that 401-mpu/midi support shizite installed? (legacy support and whatnot crap that sb's love) some of witch can be enabled/disabled in the motherboards bios under "mpu-401" or "midi" support, witch you would want to enable in this case.

You should check to see if any of it is installed in your device manager under "Sound, video and game controllers"

A lot can still be said for retaining original installation disk's/cd's even though newer windows does a lot automatically.

either than that, i dont know.


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You may be hearing the little sound you have from the FM Synth but your card may not be where the game is looking for it. Doom for example very much wants the sound card to be at 220/5/1. It typically has trouble if not found there. It may need to be forced onto the proper spot so the games can find it. but it may also cause a conflict so be very careful.

In Windows 98 and Me, right-click the My Computer icon on the desktop.
Click Properties from the list that appears.
In Windows 98 and Me, click the Device Manager tab.
Click the plus sign (+) next to Sound, video and game controllers.
Click the sound card.
Click properties.

Is it at? Under resources. There may be 2 sound card entries to look at to verify.

I/O range 220
I/R 5

This is NOT FMSynth. It may show at 330 or there abouts.

Look for conflicts, shown as an "!" mark when you first open the device manger.

If no Joy Look over this thread:

If still no joy there are a number of threads on this issue at the microsoft site in the knowledge base.

DO NOT make any changes if you are not comfortable in there.

Does the port you use play the sound OK? OR at all?

Good luck.

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