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Monsters in Deathmatch?

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I'm planning on making a Deathmatch .wad, and on one of the maps, I wanted to have a room full of troopers you had to fight to leave an area.
I was just curious as to how setting the troopers to Multiplayer flags only would
a)Affect scoring
b)Actually work
I'd try it myself, but i have noone to play against to check it.

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I never tried it. You can test this with bots, or opening a server.

The easiest way should be this
-Start a new game in Skull Tag (in the Deathmatch episode)
-At the console type many times "summonfriend archvile"
-See what happens with their scores.

Now, the problem is that I don't know if all the ports (and vanilla exes) behave the same on this topic.

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Yes, you can have multiplayer-only monsters. The original iwads use this, and so do many well-known pwads. Though if your wad is intended as deathmatch-only, there is no real need to specify that they are only for multiplayer.

You don't get a frag for killing monsters, and you don't lose a frag if a monster kills you. You do lose a frag if you kill yourself, or if the environment kills you.

One way to test this on your own is by setting up a one-player multiplayer game (how you do this varies between ports, and some don't have an easy way to do it) and using the -altdeath parameter. For instance, if you use this when playing Doom2 map17, you'll get the MP-only cyber in the central area.

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