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This post might go to hell... and I'll probably get flamed, but...

What is the progress on the following projects?

1 Monster Megawad?
Heretic: Treasure Chest?

The reason why I ask here, and not in one of the posts, is because in the post all they talk about it random things I don't know a thing a about, so I figured might as well make a new post. And if I posted in one of those topics, I'd probably just be ignored... so here we go.

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The 1monster project is just about done. All of the maps have been collected and the beta is being worked on. It won't be much longer now.

As for Heretic: Treasure Chest, I'm not quite as sure. I don't even know the deadline date, but I do know that it still seems to be going strong.

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Great, I can't wait to get started playing the 1monster project.

As for the Treasure Chest, let's get some progress on that.

Edit: I don't think the Heretic one will be done for awhile, judging from the last few posts I read in the topic.

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Th0r said:


sorry dude, but not funny and a bit uncalled for.

anyway, I've been lookin foward to the 1 monster wad. can't wait to see how that turns out.

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I'd like to see how that 1-monster wad turns out. I once had the idea to make a one-monster wad but never did. Now I can see my idea (sort of) fleshed out. Plus, it'll bring back memories of 2006.

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