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XWE Beta Crash

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I opened up a wad that has about 1560 entries, including 5 maps. Most of the entries are sprites, and I wanted to insert png images as patches & textures. The first time I opened it with the beta, the wad opened just fine and allowed me to browse. The second time I opened it, the program froze in the middle of loading the entries and gave me the following error message:

"Access violation at address 5D0A7235 in module "comctl32.dll". Read of address 00000001."

At this point, I hit the OK button but the same message pops up. Selecting the x (i.e., close) button on the message simply makes the message pop up again. Meanwhile, if I switch to another window and return to XWE, the same message has popped up, and continues to accumulate each time I switch to another window and return to XWE. XWE cannot be closed without using Task Manager. However, the wad has not been altered in any way, so the crash did not have a significant impact.

I have closed and re-opened the wad as well as XWE several times after that, and the program works just fine.

I'm not sure if this is an XWE bug or an anomaly. As I cannot duplicate it, I tend to think it may be an anomaly. I'm using Win XP Professional on a PIV 1.8 Ghz w/512 MB RAM.

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