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I get a poopy error that won't let me run XWE

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Hi, I'm a brand new user here.

It says "Failed to create KEY.WAD" or something of that nature and then it wont let me edit any wads. The most curious thing about this is I have a multi-user computer, and it runs perfectly fine only on one account, while all other accounts gets the error. I've had this problem for years. The people on ZDOOM.org can't help me. Will you? I would be very grateful.

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Could you please write down the exact error message, and what steps you've taken to do it?

As a suggestion, if it works in one account, why not just use that account?

Finally, I'm a bit confused. You said you are a brand new user (of XWE I assume), but you've had the problem for years. So which one is it?

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I dont care anymore. I just got SLumpED which works even cooler than XWE. In the unlikely event I'll ever want to use XWE again, I'll just log into my other account. The reason I don't like using that account is because it's really slow and crashes alot. Go figure. I'm pretty sure the exact message was "Failed to create KEY.WAD" but I think this topic is pretty useless now.

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