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Doom beta map conversion

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Hi people,

I wanted to know if there's a tool which is abled to convert maps from the doom betas (0.2, 0.4, 0.5) to maps usable with a release doom.wad.


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It's been done. In fact, it's been done with all the original sounds (?) and whatnot from those older DOOM alpha WADs. Look for Deathz0r, I believe he was the one who made them.

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Thanks for the link, but I'm a bit confused now. The .04 alpha here has all different sound effects, but I didn't realize that the Doom Alphas had any sound. The copies that I got years ago (from http://toastytech.com/dooma/index.html) don't play sounds, at any rate, and there don't appear to be any .wavs in the WADs themselves. On top of that, deathz0r mentions "filling in the blanks", so I have no idea if these sounds were in the original alphas at all. They sound almost like the sound effects in the final version of Doom, but less refined, so I get the feeling that they were.

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I really should fix up those WADs and remove those crappy sounds/sprites I put in for no reason...

But I'm lazy.

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