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Mysterious Linetype 160... (GZdoom)

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Hey all, I have used this linetype before by lookin at one of my friends wads as an example, and it makes 3D floors via a dummy sector, but the thing is, what do the different flags do? It is undefined in Doom Builder and I cannot find it anywhere in the ZDoom wiki.

All I know is that the first flag is the sector to put the 3D floor in, and I believe the fourth flag is the opacity, but there are two other flags that I dont know what they do...

Can anyone provide me with some info?

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weird, youd think that putting in the linetype number in the searchbar would actually bring up some results...

thx for the info man

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Now im a bit confused, because I thought Zdoom did not support 3d floors in any form or fasion (except bridge *things*).

I could just be dumb, but I dont know.

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