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Yadex ZDoom Support

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Hi people,

I know there are some people using Linux who want to edit/create maps for ZDoom (like me) and who for some reason are not satisfied with Zeth running on Linux (mainly because of rather obscure dependencies on wxscintilla and the like),so after two afternoons and evenings spent with trying to get Zeth up and running,I decided to improve the Hexen (and therefore ZDoom) support in Yadex. I added enhanced display of thing flags,created a complete new ygd (Yadex Game Definition file) for ZDoom and added a zdoom parameter to the "-game" switch which enables the ZDoom addons. I consider it fairly stable,so I decided to release my little addons. This package contains a binary executable of Yadex compiled on my box running Linux 2.6.11 and the Yadex sourcecode with the 3D_Render and Hexen_Support patches applied,the latter one with some improvements by me.



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