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Carmack would like to thank Mom and Dad and God

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Evergeek Media reports that on January 8th of this year, the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS?) awarded our favorite John Carmack an Emmy award for Pioneering Development Work in 3D Game Engines, recognizing his work in realtime rendering technology. From the article:

"This is an incredible honor for John Carmack and id Software," says Todd Hollenshead, CEO, id Software. "We consistently push the limits of gaming technology, and it's great to be recognized for the passion and dedication we put into our games."

Congrats to John and all the hard-working grunts at id for their hard work and inspiration to the coding community.

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Enjay said:


Natas ot etubirt? Wasn't that a level in Requiem?

Great to hear that John's work's getting the recognition it deserves, though! :)

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Enjay said:


Santa is closer to Satan than NATAS. Really, they're a good bunch of folks.

sargebaldy said:

It's "id", not "Id".

Unless it's the first word of a sentence.

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Infurnus said:

Wait wait, id Software games have been released on the GameCube?

Can't be... Gamecube games suck for the most part. Although im not sure if unreal tournament was released for it... Ahh, I could be wrong.

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