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My First Map. Please Look.

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Hey I just started up DB the other day and went through the tutorial. Before I used to 1024 square tons of monsters lol a map. Today I created my first real level. It is pretty fun. When I get better I eventually plan to make a 32 level mega-wad.

I would really like some constructive criticism on it. It's a nice start level I think. Not too hard not too easy.

Play on Ultra Violence and thanks for looking, I had fun making it. I hope someone has some fun playing it.

It was created using Doom2.wad and runs on zDoom for me. It replaces MAP01


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The map is really linear, its architecture is too simple. It needs more realism, more details and more interest. The traps are not really funny.
Try Oblige if you want some inspiration for your rooms, but please don’t just paste Oblige’s work.

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it's a very simple level, but it's a good a start as any. I'm no master wad maker, but heres my critique. over all theme is bland and repetetive. it lacks a real theme, being a couple of non-descript rooms connected by long winding narrow hallways. the enemy placement is too easy, and the traps are not that clever. nazis are a general no-no unless your doing a wolfenstein type level, and the door he's behind should be aligned with the top step and not the floor. waiting for a long door to open is kinda annoying.

don't get me wrong, you got the basics down. you've got doors, teleports, and linedef based events. they just have to be packaged differently. the teleports should have a different floor flats and non-secret doors should have some kind of border to differentiate it from the walls and add depth. there tons of stuff you can do to make a level pop, and I'm sure there's no shortage of guys that can help you out. try playing more levels to see what you like. if you like a feature you see in a wad, try to figure out how the author did it (don't just copy it)with DB or ask how it's done. don't be afraid to experiment, and don't let criticism get you down.

that said, keep on building levels and I hope to see new and improved levels in the future.

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Thans for the responses. They are much appreciated. At the moment I can do pretty much whatever in an editor, except maybe a donut. I thought going into this that as soon as I learned how to do everything properly, that that would be it I could just start building fantastic levels.

One problem, I dont have any ideas! I found myself yesterday opening doombuilder then staring at a blank screen, not know what to do next. Learning to build levels was half the battle for me; brainstorming, architecture and designing will be the more difficult half, surprisingly. Starting editing really makes me appreciate the thought put into maps such as "Nirvana" or "The Living End" of Doom 2. I just dont know if I have that sort of creativity. :)

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There is a substantial lack of detail or eye candy, and the level design itself consists of a bunch of connected narrow hallways. At first I found the enemies coming from behind the walls interesting, but I eventually got tired of it the seventh time it happened.

Every room is too cramped and too narrow, and there is minimal difficulty or challenge due to the simple design (even when playing on Ultra-Violence or Nightmare). Essentially, if the enemies pop up in front of you, all you need to do is hold down the trigger while running towards them. If there are multiple monsters, just let them look at you for one second and let them in-fight each other to death.

All in all, a two out of ten. Try harder next time, please.

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