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Two Basic Questions

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First one:
Which configuration is best to use when starting a new level? I've been using Doom2 and played it With zDoom. I read on the newstuff v300 that this method wasn't preferred.

Second one:
How do I add more lump names for a WAD? For isntances I create one map, and when it exits, it doesn't go to MAP02 of Doom2 but the next map that I created.

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1. Some people make their wads to be played in ZDoom others make them to be played with other source ports. Different source ports and different configurations will enable different effect you can apply to your wad such as slopes or advanced light effects.
Usually a wad is accompanied by txt file that mentions which source port the wad was intended for.

2. Make two wads; one containing map01 and a second containing map02. Open the second wad and save it into the first wad (file - save map into).

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