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Custom Ammo Headaches....

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Hey all, havin some trouble with custom ammo...

I am tryin to put a Railgun into a new map (possible map pack if I ever get it goin). I replaced the Rocket Launcher with the Phoenix Rod and used the Rocket Launcher thing for my Railgun (just like Super Sonic Doom). But instead of having it use energy cells (like SSD) I want it to use the custom ammo type Slugs. The problem is that the new Rocket Launcher refuses to hold more than 40 out of 100 (although I think I might know whats causing that), but my railgun is only supposed to hold 15 slugs total (w/o backpack) but has 200 total instead no matter what code I change. Could someone take a look at my lumps in the included test wad (not the full thing since I want to release the entire thing as a whole when its completed)? (also please check ACS script to see if any errors lie there)

Test wad Here:

DISCLAIMER: I used a lot of code from the SSD weapon ACS chunk, but I am also editing it as much as possible to learn as much as possible

I hope I included enough info, and any help is truely appreciated!

((And please, no dumbasses say "This wad is retarded!" Its a test wad for weapon info, not the entire thing!))

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