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Joel's Eternity Tricks: No Finale Text

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I'm just working on the Spear of Destiny mod, bringing it up to date with modern Eternity so my old Boom mod is not needed. The finale is just a 320x200 graphic with no text scrolling over it. I hacked out the text in the original engine, but I could see no way to stop it in Eternity. So I set up this map information lump in the MAP19 marker...

[level info]
levelname = angel of death: floor 21
endofgame = true
inter-backdrop = END1
intertext = ENDTEXT

END1 is the name of the graphic. ENDTEXT is a data lump. Ordinarily you would put the finale text in there, but in this case I just put a space. Works perfectly. Graphic displays with no pesky text.

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You can certainly do it that way. But see the other thread where I've offered to create a slideshow finale type for you. You may want to use that instead ;) Also, I strongly suggest using the global EMAPINFO lump instead of putting your MapInfo data into the map headers. It will cause you significantly less pain later on.

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