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Here are a small list of things I've encountered:

1) Entry->New = when clicking cancel, it inserts a new entry anyway.
2) When opening gbdoom2.wad, the first lump is a sound, so it always ends up playing

One enhancement I can think of, is when you extract multiple entries, you could use SelectDirectory (since its a delphi app, but I think this is more winapi related) instead of a modified file save box thing.

Apart from the occasional crash, I don't really have any problems with it, good work :)

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1) is fixed in the latest beta. I can't believe no-one has noticed this before. Thanks for pointing it out!

2) can be turned off under Options|Entry List|Auto play sounds. If auto play sounds is on (which is the default), what you said is expected behavior.

As for export, I'd rather keep the existing dialog, I prefer that one.

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1) awesome
2) done, but should it really play sounds at startup or a wad was opened?

I can kinda see the point of that dialog now, I guess its because you can see the files aswell.

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I know it's a bit weird that it does that. But the event is triggered just the same as if the user clicked on that lump. I guess it would be possible to avoid this with some flags, but it would be such an ugly hack. Just don't put sounds as the first lump :-)

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