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Tag Those Skulls

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Aabra updated over at Skulltag.com that there's a new release candidate out for public testing of Skulltag. This verson is a hotfix more than anything else, and it's geared towards fixing the myriad of bugs that plagued the latest versions of Skulltag.

Changes in this version:

  • Disabled several underground hacks, cheats, and hooks that have been circulating through the community.
  • NoIntermission is now recognized in multiplayer. Mappers can now use this to create their own intermissions.
  • Improved Skulltag's credits, which can be seen by waiting at the menu screen. They also use the DEMO3 slot.
  • Strengthened the voting mechanism. Kicking should now be easier and less troublesome.
  • Disabled loading of zvox.wad, which plagued servers since the release of 97b.
  • Fixed the display of server flags.
  • Fixed a ZDoom software bug that causes flashing between the MAPINFO and skybox skies.
  • Health now correctly updates once you complete a level in cooperative.
  • Removed the unused, pre-0.96 credit lump. Skulltag no longer shows this.

So go get it and help them test all the fixes.

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Ya, the 'cheating' never really became widespread. We only really had a couple cases of it, but we decided to plug the hole before it became a more serious problem.

There were some other bugs with the callvote system that weren't cheating per say but if abused they could really screw up a server. The combination of these 2 problems prompted the hotfix. The other fixes were included just because we had already finished them. :-)

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