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Community Joke (Please join!)

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Just one question, lupin. Did you said to post your map screenshots in the various PM our not? BTW, it's cool see lots of people made weird maps for this fabolous project can, most than mockery remembers a jokewad version of italian doom E2 IMHO.

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fraggle said:

I can already tell this is going to be the apex of unfunny joke wads.

Trust me if you have seen my one and only map that I have created after this you will want to rip your eyes out and scream "oh god why did I play this wad why." because I have drawn up some very good maps I just never got around to making them then one night I was bored and made Dyke Project I made that wad to prove that I can and will make shitty joke wads.

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All members may of course post screenshots of their maps in this thread. If anyone who is still working completes a map in the three weeks I am gone, just send it through the e-mail in my account. Here are some screens of the second level I am working on, which is basically a continuation of the first map I submitted:

You are inside the Newdoom airship...you must hurry and find a way to destroy it from the inside, before general Phobus unleashes Goatse bombs all over Doomworld, ruining the peace between the forums :O. (I took this area from one of my skulltag maps for SM2, and heavily edited it so that it no longer contains SM2 exclusive textures. Just a bit of trivia.)

It is raining brains outside of the windy airship.., Linguica has managed to get aboard the ship as well, but upon finding you, he has challenged you to a pong battle! Apparently he is sick and tired of this jokewad! (Obviously im not done with this area :P, and the scripting for the pong battle can still use some work.)

Not much to say here. Another one of the inner areas of the ship, took the shot mainly to point out the funny glith that happens in this area due to the "raining" affect outside. The newdoom soldiers spew brains out their feet! (This area is also a remodeled room from my Community Chest 3 map, but to a point where you practically won't recognize it.)
That is all I will reveal of my 3-map mini episode for now. Feel free to complain and gripe about what you see, but know that I will not be able to respond for a while, I am leaving to Spain today.

Edit: Grammar.

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Not gonna lie, this actually looks pretty cool. I hope the other maps are of the same quality.

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