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N00bish Question

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How do you change the level names? Like for example, changing Entryway to Exitway or something like that.

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Well there are two places where the names appear: in the automap, and on the intermission screens. To change the intermission level names, all you have to do is simply replace the respective graphics from the iwad with new ones in your pwad. To replace the automap names, you need to use dehacked/bex and change the level strings (note that strings in regular dehacked are limited to various numbers of characters, but bex (boom extensions) can accept longer strings).

Alternatively, you can use a MAPINFO lump which will replace both, but this is only supported by a few source ports, primarily ZDoom-based ones. Other source ports may have their own unique way of modifying level names...

Also, in the future it may be helpful for you to make your thread titles more descriptive so people know what they are about.

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Bingbing said:

Thanks for that, but since I've decided to use the MAPLUMP tactic, how do I do that?

Instructions (ZDoom only)
1. Get a lump editor (such as XWE and SlumpEd).
2. Install it.
3. Open your wad.
4. Create a new lump called MAPINFO.
5. Now you can change level names, music, etc...
For a detailed guide go http://www.zdoom.org/wiki/index.php?title=MAPINFO
If you need other help, fell free to ask me.

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