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Doom Builder not accepting Thing_Raise

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Im not sure why its doing this, but I recently added the ACS function Thing_Raise to the config (since it is apparently compatible with GZDoom and a crucial part of a new map Im working on), but whenever I try to put the command into my scripts, even though its blue like an accepted function, it still errors out and tells me that "The function Thing_Raise is used but undefined"

this is starting to give me a headache, anybody got a solution?

(note that I put the line

Thing_Raise = "Thing_Raise(tid)";

at the end of the keywords list in the ACS.cfg file of DoomBuilder, just to clarify if anything went wrong with that)

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thanks again Graf!

EDIT: ACK! No good! Same problem! ACC 1.45 right?

(I got the windows version)

EDIT2: Lmao! Whoops! I saw what did it, accidentally installed to my Doomsday directory instead of Doom Builder XP

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