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Working in the plot for the megawad in two weeks (help)

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I'm working in the plot for this community megawad (if you don't know what I'm talking about, please visit the "wads and mods" forum). I want to move away from the community megawad clise where there are just maps without a sense of progression nor plot.

I'd like to ask for help to these creatives writers we have here.

The invasion to the lunar bases of Mars, and to Earth itself divided the UAC in two, the ones who wanted to cancel the teleportation experiments, and these, who because of their giant potential thought that the tests were needed to be hold, yet with extreme caution. After debates, the second position emerged victorious. The UAC installed its labs, this time in Jupiter, one of the farthest bases from Earth, under a high military vigilance.
The massacre caused by the attack of the gigantic biomecanomagical ship showcased that the project had to be cancelled definitely. Almost in an unanimity way, the decision to start the programmed Plutonia Experiment was taken.
With the quantum accelerator the different gates to hell were detected and sealed. The almost catastrophic incident on Congo was kept as a secret.

When you killed the Gate Keeper in the devil hive, the last gateway of hell was closed. After endless nightmares you finally could rest. But that peace didn’t last long.

You were assigned as security chief in the Teitenga Complex located at the Moon. A few hours ago a magnetic signal was detected in the radar; the source was identified inside a crater close to the installations. The explorer team was send, guarded by a squad of marines you selected. After the initial tests, they found a "hidden-doorway", with inscriptions of an ancient civilization. You ordered extreme caution, but once the explorers started to open it, all communications collapse including the communications with Earth.
The gate has been open revealing hell in it's most crude form. A wave of fire burned all the men there, and demons start spawning all over the complex butchering everyone in the base. You get to the hangar and deactivate the landing pads. At the other side of the corner you hear demon growls, gun fires, and the dying scream of the two marines that scouted you.
Now there's only one thing to do.

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