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Wonder if? [playstation exclusive levels ...]

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Look for consoledoom, it's probably in the archive, but if it isn't its at Kaiser's DSV outworld, which is hosted on newdoom.com (there's probably a link from the front page)

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I had actually posted a thread on whether it's possible to directly extract and edit the PSX doom levels (I rented the disk), but it didn't attract much attention, so either I asked something moot, or something taboo.

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Maes said:

I recently rented the PSX Doom disc, and after playing it I gave it a run on my PC, to see if it used the same WAD structure as the PC version.

To my surprise (or rather: NOT that much of a surprise), it was reasonably standard, but not quite: there was a "PSXDOOM.WAD" IWAD, but the levels were stored each on a separate WAD, along with some external resources for each level.

When trying to open those with standard PC tools, they mostly failed.

After hex-checking, I found out that:

  • All single level WADS have an IWAD header and ENDOFWAD entry.
  • All known level lumps (SSECTORS, NODES, etc.) had their first letter ASCII value offset by some fixed amount, perhaps 32 or 64 positions, so that standard level editors won't be able to read them
  • The IWAD used the same initial letter scrambling for most lumps again rendering them unreadable by standard editors, but it should be trivial to find a workaround.
  • By manually editing the scrambled names to the "correct" ones, part of the data was now readable by Doombuilder and Wintex, but DB crashed, while Wintex displayed mostly garbage and messy lines, so there should still be some minor or major incompatibilities or even underlying encryption.
Are there any known documentation/editors/converters or any previous attempt at bridging PSX/PC Doom ?

Decided to post here rather than bumping your thread. Since everyone seems to throw a fit when that happens.

Anyways, Maes, all the lumps in psxdoom are compressed using a modified form of LZSS. If the first char of the wad lump name is (c & 0x80 = 0x80 assuming c is the char), then that indicates that the lump is compressed.

Look in this thread here:

You may want to check out psxmake which is in that thread.

Oh yeah, all the texture names are renamed, so in order to play the maps, you will have to manually rename the TEXTURES lump in PC doom to match psxdoom's... or replace the textures yourself in the level.

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