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Compiling ACC in Doom Builder does not work

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Yep. Does not work.

When compiling an ACC script for use with the doomsday (jHexen) engine you will need to compile in "old hexen compatible mode" or something like that. The packaged ACC compiler by default does not compile in this mode. It does not work with Doomsday.

In order to properly compile a command line parameter must be passed to acc.exe ("-h"), but this is not possible. There is no way to make Doom Builder run ACC with that parameter.

A long time ago when i was mapping for Hexen i solved this by using an old version of ACC that did not compile in this format by default. This compiler is no longer available, so now i am stuck mapping without being able to script. In the case of hexen, this is ridiculously limiting.

I want my scripts baaack :(

There has to be some way to fix this, because right now it's preventing me from getting anywhere with my maps. I'm just totally stuck until this is fixed. Any help is appreciated.

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Anybody? This is quite problematic. I won't be able to proceed with my maps unless this can be fixed.

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Bloodshedder said:

Ahh thanks. That might work.

But i'm switching to zDoom anyway so it doesn't matter... Still, it would be great if somehow Doom Builder got support for the "-h" parameter.

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