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cant submit files!

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hey im unable to submit any files through the wiki it comes up with this error after i press the upload button:

Warning: move_uploaded_file(uploads/Submissions/DarkAbyss_3_new_sounds.zip): failed to open stream: Read-only file system in /home/groups/f/fr/freedoom/htdocs.svn/wiki/scripts/upload.php on line 155

Warning: move_uploaded_file(): Unable to move '/tmp/phpKJ9bAf' to 'uploads/Submissions/DarkAbyss_3_new_sounds.zip' in /home/groups/f/fr/freedoom/htdocs.svn/wiki/scripts/upload.php on line 155
PmWiki can't process your request

?cannot move uploaded file to uploads/Submissions/DarkAbyss_3_new_sounds.zip

We are sorry for any inconvenience.

and if this problem cant be fixed soon, how do i upload to ftp://ftp.vect.org/pub/incoming/freedoom/

some help here would be appreciated

also i cant view any of the status pages of submitted material it comes up with a 404 error

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