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Girl receives head of her missing dog in the mail

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What kind of sick douche does that? Someone needs to bathe him in gasoline, light a match, and... well, use your imagination.

He'd deserve it.

<EDIT> Just realized that it sounded like I was talking about a fellow forum member... no, I was speaking about the skullf*cked asscracker who decapitated a dog and sent its head to its owner.

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udderdude said:

Shadow Dweller : Internet tough guy FOR HIRE.

"Tough guy" was not the impression i was trying to give off.

refering to previous posts (you know who you are) : this is not the right topic for this meaningless chatter. send me a private message and we can argue 'till the day of judgement if you wish...

not here

my business in this topic is done, i will move along now. there is nothing left to say here...

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