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DECORATE support bug

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DB crashes when i double-click things at specific situation

Okay to cause that error click New map in file tab, use zdoom in hexen config for format, put weapon mod in additional textures and flats box (Error happened with two weapon mods so FAR). Error should jump out when you double-click or press right mouse button on thing.

Run-time error "35602"
Key is not unique in collection

Tested and error jumped out with those two weapon mods put in additional textures and flats box:

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Will have a look at it, but no promises :P This sounds like a DECORATE parser problem, if the problem is not in the DECORATE wads you mentioned. I am planning a small DB release soon, but I don't think I have the time to rewrite the DECORATE parser.

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Heh I doubt that. Modules and lesser parts of distinct programs are not nearly as exchangeable as people tend to think. Sometimes people ask why I don't just "take" slopes from zdoom and put them in Eternity. Would never work since the system architectures are, at this point, wildly divergent. The same is likely to be true in this situation. Even though the programs do the same thing, they probably share nothing in terms of internal interfaces.

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