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More Doom - The Arcade Game pimage

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I started this project back in April after I released the WIP for Doom Chronicles, and I'm still working on the first map...
Anyway, I have started on a bonus map which will involve you trying to get all your brainless marines through all the dangers and to the exit - sorta like lemmings except you can't assign your marines to do special tasks (if anyone remembers a Lemmings clone on the Amiga called Troddlers, it could probably be compared to that more than Lemmings). I have completed the first trap for them to get past, and at the moment am setting up multiple paths that depend on the difficulty mode you have the game set on. There are screenshots up at the page, but the geocities file manager screwed them up a bit. I'll get on my computer sometime soon and do an FTP upload (used my dad's puter to upload via file manager).
I'll be looking for some beta testers soon for the two maps. Send me an email if you're interested.

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I finally installed ZDooM v1.23 Beta28a and watched your DooM Arcade Game demo. It is nicely orchestrated and sets up the story well. Makes good use of scripting and other ZDooM features. The small negatives have already been pointed out by others, so I won't repeat them. Good show.


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