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A new Chopkinsca map

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First off, it's for GZDoom. The current version of it has a bug with a_explode, which my wad uses. This is where you can find a fix for that until GZDoom is updated. I'll be uploading it to the archives once GZDoom does update.

Second, the map itself. FileCloud and Rapidshare links to it. It is a small map compared to my usual style of making huge maps. I hope you have fun.

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Nice map, I must say. I enjoyed the non-linerality of this map, but I did not like the difficulty. It was too easy for me. I never had no armor, or no ammo. I think the boss battle was too easy... but overall I must say it was pretty decent.

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FYI I was able to beat this in ZDoom 217 with no problems.

Really cool map, it feels like your contribution to CC2.

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