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I would like to import a pcx or bmp image to a texture on my WAD, I'm using DeepSea and this is the first time I have came across importing these files so they come up in game...

I've managed to import the bmp file to the texture libary so it's available for select when choosing textures and it has also created another wad..the graphics file I'm guessing, I then select it and ingame it doesn't come out.

What's wrong?!?!?

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Not too sure how DeepSea works, but importing graphics isn't enough. Doom combines textures into what it calls "Patches". This allows alot of flexibility for wall textures and also means less redundant data in the WAD file (remember, this game was made back in the day when CD drives weren't popular and modems ran at a snails pace). You may need to make a patch definition for it, but as I said I don't know how DeepSea works (someone wanna shed some light on that?)

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I would like to import a pcx or bmp image to a texture on my WAD, I'm using

There are 2 approaches - one the simplest on the planet and the other the older way (I think you already did the first step - but just in case).

First let's assume you want each BMP image to be a new texture. This is very easy to do.

1. Press F7 - brings up lump mod dialog
2. Press "AUTO Textures from BMPs - dialog for making textures
3. Press "Add files" and select all the BMPs you have. You can do them one at a time or press Ctrl+Left click and you can select as many as you like in any sequence.
4. Press "Save" and give this file whatever name you prefer.

The texture and lump names use the 1st 8 characters of your file names. You can rename them in the dialog if you like.

You now have a file that contains the TEXTUREx, PNAMES and ALL the patches required for your new textures. You can merge this with your PWAD (F7/Merge) or just use both files at the same time (if using DeePsea for testing, click "Load all Files").

========= end of 1st way =

The second method is to use the file you created earlier and manually make up all the textures. This requires some knowledge of what TEXTURE1/2 and PNAMES are all about. Please review the online help and see the index - select topics starting with "Graphics -" for a detailed intro.

1. Load the file you created earlier with the new graphics
2. Press F7
3. Select "TEXTUREx name Edit"
4. Add all the new graphics (from step 1) to PNAMES by pressing "Add Patch" for each new graphic. These are called patches.
5. Now press "Add Texture", make up some texture name, give it a size and add however many "patches" you want for the texture. Repeat for each texture.
6. Press Save and give this some file name.
7. Select Merge/Import and merge the graphics file (1) with the new file (6) and your level.

As you can see this is a lot more steps.

==== end of 2nd way -==========

However, I think it didn't show up in the game because you didn't load the texture file made in the 1st method with your level. So either load both files or merge them. Either one works.

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