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Carmack On NASA's Proposed MMO

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I told you assholes he said he was doing another RPG besides the phone one. But you said, "No, you're thinking of the phone one".

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Vegeta said:

No, just a Caco

kristus said:

Cacos don't have red eyes, he's obviously a lost soul. :O

Lmao both good ones. How bout a Pain Elemental? They have arms and red eyes.

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rather than trying to be some sort of generic Second Life sort of environment.

Ha Ha! Linden Labs just got their asses kicked by the god of fps programmers!

Does he think he's superman or something?

It's probably his very first time experiencing zero G.
I'd be doing all sorts of crazy shit if I had a chance to float like that. Or I'd just do an imitation of Pennywise.

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nice knock on the second life crap. BTW how bout some photoshop fun with that carmack vomit comet pic?

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