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A few requests for the generic weapon codepointers

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Would it be possible to add a few more parameters to the generic weapon functions without breaking the way they work now? There are a few expansions that I'd find useful:

For A_FireCustomBullets and A_CustomPlayerMelee:
- Type of "puff" to make
- Whether or not it can hit things that have the Heretic "ghost" flag.

For A_FirePlayerMissile:
- Horizontal deviance (how much the shot might be inaccurate to the left or right)
- Vertical deviance (how much the shot might be inaccurate up or down)

I'd also like a pointer similar to A_RandomJump, but instead of a random roll, it jumps if there's a shootable object within the player's melee range. That way it would be possible to make weapons that attack differently when used in melee, similar to some Hexen weapons.

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Problem is that a design decision was made to assign 5 args values to frames. Now, I can increase that number without causing issues (and 8 would be a good round number). I just don't want to do it without a really good reason. I'll consider this, but keep in mind that with the advent of EDF weapons, it might be more practical to specify some properties as properties of the weapon rather than as args on the codepointers in its frames. I've already been thinking about tracer puff types and some of the other things you've mentioned :)

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