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Flash movie: Randomania (NON-DOOM RELATED)

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After nearly 4 months of work, I've finished my latest flash movie. I was inspired to make this from watching several of those Flash Tub movies from somethingawful called Tub Bites. Anyways, there are 4 mini movies in this. I was originally trying to go for 6 movies but I had to scrap them due to time constraints. I might animate them separately later. Two of the movies are video game related and the two other ones are not. I want to thank Firefly99 from the mgs:tus boards for doing some voice acting. Without further ado, here it is.


BTW, if you get that stupid bandwidth error, try again later.

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You actually liked the first one? I thought the buildup for the punchline on that took too long.

The third was extremely predictable, wasn't it? The only thing I liked was the explosion animation at the end. :p

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No sound on the public computer I'm using at the library, but even without voice, it looks pretty cool. I liked the part where Mega Man crammed Eddie/Fliptop on his head instead of his helmet best.

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