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Merely adding textures?

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Ok, I have not worked on my project for a while and now I am expanding my 8-bit texture base so I can align the textures from within DOOM Builder so that later when I use my Hi-Res textures they will align correctly within the game.

The problem is that I have been doing this crap for about 6 years, and have NEVER had this problem like I am having now. I've used Wintex, XWE and SlumpED, but NONE of these programs allow the new texture to show up in DOOM Builder's Texture list.

In wintex I loaded the 128x128 256 DOOM Colored 18kb BMP file in as a patch, it shows up in XWE between PP_START and PP_END as it should, but DOOM Builder will not see it, and it does not appear at all in Texture1 or Pnames.

I went into XWE loaded the file (not as raw) and placed it between PP_START and PP_END, but get the same results.

Same goes for SlumpED if I loaded it in from there.

I can upload an example if anyone wants to help me for a change, or if this is enough info, if you could tip me off as to where I'm going wrong, like perhaps I've missed a step since it's been so long, that would be great!

Thankx in advanced!

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Um, don't you have to then make the texture from the patch. Just because you loaded the patch(s) into the wad you still have to tell the engine how to use the patches to make the actual texture.

It been quite a while since I've used wintex but you have go something like:

new texture -> specify the dimensions of the texture -> load the patch(s) into the texture window -> do your offsetting and fiddling -> save.

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I think XWE does that automatically

I have never had to manually make a texture from a patch with XWE.

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You are right, I remember having to do that crap in Wintex years ago now that you mention it, but yes XWE should be doing that automatically.

I'll experiment with Wintex first then move on from there. Thankx for the reminder and the help!

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Well apparently Wintex is not indisposable as it did the job that XWE and SlumpED failed to do.
I (as you stated) merely needed to go into textures and create a new texture from the Patch I added.

Now, what was the name of that old program that I used to use to CREATE animated Textures for Classic DOOM?

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Although I know nothing about XWE I'm guessing there is just some option to create a texture from a graphic when you load it. Merely using XWE to insert a patch into a wad probably isn't enough to make it automatically create a texture from it. I'm sure XWE had texture editing capabilities like wintex does. You were just missing a step that's all.

Glad your problem is solved :)


As for your question about animated textures I think the utility was for Boom but I can't remember what it was called either. It let you create and edit the switches and animated lumps.

EDIT2** Aha!


The program is swantbls.exe.

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What ever the texture animation tool I used to use was...

...it has been around for a LONG while and it works with Classic DOOM because I've seen some pWADs floating around that have made use of it. There were the normal animated textures, then there were one's that the level creator had made on top of those.

I'll re-read XWE's docs, maybe I did forget something, but I could have swore that all I used to do was create a start and end point, then load up picture (not as raw) and put them inbetween then they automatically became textures.

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Perhaps this thread about animated textures will interest you, as they are a bit tricky to implement (if you want broad compatibility)


About textures...yeah, the normal procedure is to load patches and then compose textures, I don't find anything too hard about it.

Going straight graphic -> texture may be convenient sometimes, but you'll soon discover it's a somehow limited way to build new textures, unless all you use are precomputed/precomposed "wall" textures.

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Thankx for the link on the animated textures, I'll read it over. In the mean time I'll search my archives for the tool I swore I used to use to create my own.

As for the texture problem, I can just use Wintex if I have to...

...I was just hoping to be able to save time with XWE. :/

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