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Hell Revealed demos [-complevel 2]

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32 minutes ago, GrumpyCat said:

Map06 Pacifist 1:01:58


Actually insane, nice job!  I misread the time as one minute initially and was wondering if I missed something huge when I looked at this map a while back.  Nope, just as painful as my iddqd playthrough with saves suggested :)

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Not sure if this should be here or the misc thread, but I am posting it here because it's related and should get more visibility.


Here is HR Episode 1 MAP01 UV Max in 0:47



Yonatan Donner recorded demos for the first release of his and Haggay Niv's classic megawad Hell Revealed, but in the first release of this now-legendary megawad, the first map is completely different. In the HR we know and love, the opening map is completely remade from scratch, presumably during the later development of the game, and the original was scrapped entirely. In this version, the music is also different, featuring "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana (love 'em, baby) instead of Rise Of The Triad midis. Vintage '90s gameplay. I recorded a few exits, but couldn't get lower than 47, even with the few bumps, just because the RNG was very lucky here. Sometimes guys can get stuck back in the start area and screw you. In 1996, Yonatan Donner recorded a 2:46 "showcase" kind of demo for the map and so this might just be the very first speedrun of the very unknown original Hell Revealed MAP01. 



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