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GZDoom Alpha Channels

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I have searched the forums and came up with nothing.

How do you add alpha channels to sprites in GZDooM?

I have a nice lens flare I want to add (in TGA format) that a friend got me. But even if I alpha channel it in Fireworks it still comes up with the black background in XWE.

1. Will the black background disappear when in GZDoom?
2. If not 1, then how to get rid of it?

Heres a link to the flare:


so can someone please help?

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GZDoom uses an alpha channel if it is present in a graphic so it depends on the program you use to import it into a WAD.

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I use XWE

On a related note, how do you import PNGs into a wad with XWE without it automatically compressing them?

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