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HardQore Crazy

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The Quake IV mod by the name HardQore recently updated with new screenshots of upcoming levels and one shot of Sarge from Quake 3 holding one bigass minigun.

For those of you who doesn't know, HardQore is a platformer of the Abuse style done in Quake IV and features one of the wackiest stories I've ever had the pleasure to read. It incorporates the Doomguy and the Quakeguys into some sort of concoction that lacks both reason and logic.

A beta of the mod was released last year and another is scheduled to come soon. If you want to see and read more, I suggest you go over to their website and leach all their media.

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i wouldn't say it's so small, as doomguy's a playable character and makes up a chunk of the story, however silly the story actually is.

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leileilol said:

Yeah we should post Quake3 news too because doomguy is in it as well is that right !

quake 3 had no story. it was just a rogue's gallery of some classic id characters with a bunch of lame new ones. this is altogether entirely different.

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Is this a side scroller or something?
I noticed that all of the screenshots seem to be from a third person perspective and they also have the same angle. If that IS the case, then it'd be kinda interesting to see what it'd be like with multiplayer.

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