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A problem wiht a 5.1 speaker system.

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how can i know wheter my card supports 5.1 suround sound? I can only get
the front speakers, the bass and the subower to work. There bass has one
cable that splits into 3 cables to connect to the pc. I got the green
(front speakers) and the pink (bass and subower) pluged in the holes with matcing color and it works just fine. But the last one (black) does
not seem to work anywere? Even if there are 6 holes to connect and one of with is black. HEEEEEEEEEELP!

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What brand of sound card is it? Creatvie labs Sound Blaster?
And do you know how to get to the settings to turn surround sound on? And how to get to the speaker setup. Most sound cards default settings are 2 speakers only. That should make sound come out of all the speakers. Thats what I had to do with my setup. Only when I turned on surround sound and set my speaker setup to 5.1 speakers, did sound come out all of my speakers. ( 5 speakers and a sub)

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kristus said:

The Subwoofer is the bass you fool.

Uh?........The bass is the box thingy and the Subwoofer is the speaker in the middle right? Anyway i have a photo:

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Uh, it tells you in the screenshot you posted. Realtek HD is only integrated into motherboards, from what I know.

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