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3D editor problems (no HUDS at all showing anymore)

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I used to be able to use the 3D editor just fine. Then suddenly after not using it for a while I used it again and my 3D editor doesn't show the cross hair anymore. And it also doesn't show any info on whatever I'm editing. And when I click on a texture to edit it it just shows me a black screen with he cross hair as the mouse and stuff. Well the texture editing part works all fine, it's just that it doesn't show the actual textures while showing everything else in the GUI.

I tried running in windowed mode, and low res and a lot of other stuff and nothing helps.

Here are some reasons for why it might be caused:
I moved all my Doom stuff to the D: drive when it was originally on the C: drive. Maybe some kind of config got lost? I tried reinstalling and stuff and updating to 1.68 and nothing helped.

I also updated to the Omega drivers. I'm running an Nvidia Riva TNT 2 Pro(this is on a very old computer BTW, this is why I'm editing Doom levels on it). It used to work fine. But maybe the omega drivers are causing problems? If you don't know what Omega Drivers are, Google it. They are a tweaked version of the Nvidia or ATI drivers that offer many performance boosts and fix many problems.

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And they break stuff that works. The HUD is rendered with so called "Transformed and Lit" vertices. Appearently, the video drivers broke something there. It has nothing to do with a missing configuration or other DB file, because then you would probably to even be able to get into 3D mode.

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Great now I have to worry about this again!

Omega Drivers really do fix a lot of problems I've had before especially since I'm on a very old card on the computer I use for making Doom levels, but I guess they went and broke soemthing here. SO far for every other game all I've noticed is fixes for all my problems. IDK if I really wanna try to fix it just for Doom builder. I still use 3D mode just for previewing the map and trying to edit floor and ceiling heights even though it's hard without the cross hair. It's still very useful.

Maybe if you could fix this in next version if it's not too much trouble? Or is there still something I could do without uninstalling the omega drivers? I really don't feel like going through all the trouble.

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