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Chris Hansen

Clean wad for unused/unknown textures

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Hello all!

I need a little help from you guys as I can't figure it out for myself. One of my WiP "Rising Blood" used to be a map for Plutonia so naturally I used a lot of those Plutonia textures. The new version of the map is going to be for Doom 2 and I've ridden the entire wad of old textures manually, going through each linedef and flat as I progressed through the revamping of the map. But zDoom still informs that there are some unknown textures in it! And I can't find them! For all I know it can be some small linedef in a tiny sector somewhere which is damn near impossible to locate! :) Now, to the question: Is there a tool that can help me find and remove them?


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If you know the names of the unknown textures (which I believe Zdoom prints in the console), you can use Doom Builder's find or find and replace commands (bound by default to F3 and Ctrl+H respectively I believe) to find them.

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If no joy with the above deepsea has a powerful error checker that also includes textures, among many other things.

The free down loadable one will identify them for you in a log or on the map itself.


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