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High color textures?

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I got some skybox textures from Half Life, that I want to use for a skybox obviously for a wad I'm making. Now, like Quake2, Half Life has high color and low color skybox textures, but they both end up looking like shit when I import them. I tried loading them as PNGs into the wad, then adding them to PNAMES (couldn't add PNGs into texture for some reason) then created the textures. It still looked good when I looked at it in XWE, but when I played the wad, it looked even shittier.

Is it possible to load high color textures into a wad at all?

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Quick answer: not in 90% of the source ports out there, especially those with an 8-bit software-rendered display.

Longer answer: yes, if you load them in PNG format with XWE and use them in an OpenGL source port which supports them (GZDoom is one, and perhaps the only...maybe Risen3D too).

Check this thread, too:


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EDGE also supports true color PNG and JPG textures.

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It probably will, as it's basically a modified ZDoom build with OpenGL (well, GZDoom and ZDoomGL do work, I don't see why Skulltag with OpenGL shouldn't).

However, it's better to refer to each port's specs and limitations carefully before using true/high color.

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