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Eric Vaughn

Playing a custom wad with Zdoom

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Hey there,

Today I downloaded a wad file from the WolfenDoom site. I tried to play it with Zdoom, but the wad doesn't show up in the list of wads when I open it to play.

How do I play this wad?


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OK, I figured out how to open the wad and stuff, but it plays exactly like normal gun. The shotgun is replaced with a machine gun, but still fires like a machine gun. How do I make Zdoom play like it is supposed to?

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You'll also need to load the deh file that is included. There may also be additional resource wads that you need to load from the zip, but without knowing exactly which Wolfendoom wad this is, I can't say for sure. Reading the accompanying text-file should give you any necessary information.

Note also that some of the Wolfendoom wads use dehacked features that Zdoom doesn't support, though maybe (i.e. I haven't tested) only cosmetic ones (e.g. music changes).

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Wasn't there a recent set of wads that incorporated the DEH file into the Wolfendoom wads? I have them in case anyone wants them (the txt files are long gone though)

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