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Doom Builder's controls are so cryptic!

I'd like to know how to perform the following operations in DB. I've searched the FAQs and the hotkey list, but haven't had any luck. If these things are impossible to do, I... uh... request they be added as features. <___<

1. Add a Linedef and Split Sector, like the old DEU command. You select two vertices on opposite sides of a sector, then hit a button and it creates a new line between them which splits them. So far, every attempt at working around this has screwed up my sector references.

2. Edit the vertex references of a linedef - Say I want to flip a room that's connected to a hallway. The hallway will get messed up because the vertices which were connected to the room also got flipped. The easiest way to fix this would be to edit the vertex references of the linedefs, but this feature is nowhere to be seen.

3. Remove unused sectors without having to restart the program, since the node builder won't let me enter 3D mode unless they're all fixed.

4. Hotkey to stop the screen from scrolling while dragging stuff around.

5. "Close Door/Lift" hotkey - raise the floor to match the ceiling, or the ceiling to match the floor. Especially in 3D mode.

6. Gradient lighting

7. Way to flip horizontally, vertically, or rotate something before it is placed in a map (after hitting Ctrl+V but before dropping it... instead of having to select it all over again.)

... and hotkeys for rotating and scaling.

8. Turn off automatic stitching of imposed vertices

And that's it, I think. I'm mainly worried about the first two, the rest are just nuisances.

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Ill see if i can help.

1:All i can think of is to do it manually. By putting the split in yourself and re-tracing the other half of the sector.

2: Try putting a temp sector between the room and hallway, deleting it, then flipping the room, and then adding the sector back in.

3:Try searching for map errors, and deleting them manually.

4: I'm not sure there is one. Sorry

5: No idea, best bet is to do it out of 3D-mode.

6: No idea, i've just posted something to get help with that, I'll get back to you on that, if i get some help.

7: ?? Whenever i paste something in, it gives me time to rotate it and stuff. So can't help you there.

8: No idea what you mean.

Hope that's atleast of some help.

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1. I'm not sure what the purposed of this, but you can just draw the line yourself. Just stop after that single line. Don't finish making it into a whole sector.

2. This feature might be nice, I suppose, but it's not that hard to cut the hallway off and then reattach it later.

3. I've never had this problem.

4. This can be annoying at times. I've gotten used to it.

5. I have a feeling there probably is a way to do this, but I don't know.

6. The "Gradient Brightness" button.

7. It shouldn't immediately place anything copied. I have to click again to place it. R is rotate; not sure about scale.

8. You can turn off auto-stitching at the bottom of the DB window.

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