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suicide: episode 1 rewieved in doomwadstation.com

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I like the DWS reviews. I bought the DWS DVD just to support the site, even though I didn't really need it. I read somewhere Larkin isn't really running it anymore but the envelope had his hand written signature on it.

EDIT - I thought IdSoftware asked us not to make mods/pwads for the first episode cus it's shareware, has that changed?

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The request was that pwads shouldn't be made that work with the shareware iwad. To comply with that request, you could have your map require resources (e.g., textures, monsters or weapons) that aren't in the shareware.

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yeah,it's really very easy. I have not nearly average skills when it comes to playing doom (I had a hard time to play Doom 2 on Hurt Me Plenty),but with these maps,my health never went below 50. Though especially the first two maps were fun,with very little space for gameplay and 3 locked doors in what? 512 * 512 on the first map?

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