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Hexen Flats

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Alright... here's a question for you brains out there.

I've edited the Hexen iwad and in the Flats/Floor markers are 11 flats that are in "raw data" form. Does anyone know how I can convert these eleven into the actual graphic format? Like .bmp or .png?
I'm using Xwe with the latest beta engine.

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You mean the X_### ones? Those are 64x128 floors, specific to Hexen. I added support for those in the latest beta, grab it and give it a try.

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Mancubus II said:

Oh man not this again.


Don't worry about it.

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Mancubus II, it's of no use judging mac53's work under the assumption that he wants to make something releasable to the public or really useful, so don't even bother asking.

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