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Conveyor Belts and Doom Builder

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Is there a way to make conveyor belts in doom builder? If it helps, the engine I use is GZDoom. Thanks.

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Simple for Conveyor Belts- (It's like Zdoom and SkullTag, but sorry, I don't remember action#)

Sector Mode- Theres a Action there that MOVES the Actor (meaning player, monster) and scroll direction. And for a good Conveyor Belt texture, try one of the stairs or something, make it seem more realistic in my ways.

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Not a problem, have fun with that feature!

Now if only GzDOOM was a wee bit more Legacy compatable so I could have 3D conveyor belts that actually move the player...

...yes it's possible. ;)

Regardless, GzDOOM is my favoreite engine thus far!

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